Lancaster Adventist Church family

If you were to ask us to describe ourselves in one sentence, we would say, “We exist to love God, grow spiritually and serve others.” These three elements create the DNA for us to live as we look forward to the return of Jesus. It is our desire as a church to celebrate together and share the faith and hope that we have experienced in Jesus.
We ‘re glad that you have stopped by to learn what we’re all about. Whatever you seek - friendship, community, something to challenge and stretch you, something to give you comfort and peace, the love of Jesus, or simply the satisfaction of curiosity - you are most welcome to come and see what we have to offer.

How are you feeling? Have you had your health checked recently? If the answer is no, come to the AV Health Expo on Sunday September 10. Services available and provided to you free of charge include: Physical exams, Glucose & Cholesterol Screening. Oral, dental and vision exams, with free prescription glasses. Professionals will be on hand to assist you with a wide variety of Healthy living and diet advice.

As flu season approaches come get your flu shot. Take advantage of a Physical Therapy consultation and follow it up with an anti-stress massage. Come to the AV Health Expo on Sunday September 10 to receive free health services. At a time where health care can be confusing take advantage of our specialists available to help you with health insurance and senior benefits advice.

The AV Health Expo is on Sunday September 10, 11am to 4pm, at the Antelope Valley Adventist School, on Fern Avenue, off the BLD, opposite Lancaster City Hall.

On September 18, 2016 Lancaster Adventist Church organized the Antelope Valley Health Expo partnering with 20 agencies to provide health services free of charge to our community at Antelope Valley Adventist School. Over 200 people were provided with health services including: Vision tests (Hull Eye Center); glasses (the Lions Club); Vaccines (Walgreens); Oral Screening (Loma Linda University School of Dentistry); Physicals, Glucose & Cholesterol Screening, Mammograms and Pap smears (Bartz Alta Donna and Career Care Institute); Prostate Exams (Dr. Rendel Houston); Healthy living and diet advice (Weimar Institute); Health Insurance Advice (Huddleston Insurance, Lo Cost & No Cost Insurance and Tarzana Treatment Centers); Mental Health Counseling (Marsha Houston and Sue Crimin); Addiction Prevention (Antelope Valley Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency); Physical Therapy Consultations and Anti-Stress Massage (Dr. Younsung and Jina Kim).